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Actively Managed Options for International Diversification

Strategic diversification remains one of the cornerstones of successful portfolio construction. Whether you're looking to strengthen your portfolio diversification or are searching for growth opportunities, international equities have an essential role to play in any overall investment strategy. International economies are expanding, productivity is increasing, and we're seeing the emergence of a growing global middle class. These trends suggest the case for truly international investing is likely to only get stronger.

The Changing Face of Emerging Markets

With more than 25 countries and over 85% of the world’s population, emerging markets have become important drivers of global economic growth, considerably outpacing developed markets since 20001. This growth story isn’t a recent phenomenon, and we understand well that macroeconomic growth does not necessarily mean shareholder value creation.

International Equities: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

While many Canadian advisors are able to easily build custom portfolios of U.S. and Canadian securities, gaining access to international equities can be a challenge, as their platform can only custody securities listed on a Canadian or U.S. exchange. Consequently, a truly international fund that invests exclusively outside North America could be the missing piece in helping advisors build fully diversified portfolios for their clients.

Alternative Assets: The Case for a Defensive Stance

The length of the current cycle by itself doesn't mean much; economic cycles and bull markets don't die of old age. However, as the cycle matures, it can become more susceptible to shocks. Given current U.S. equity valuations, it's only prudent to proceed with caution and perhaps to start thinking defensively.
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