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77 Nick Piquard on The Bull Case for Uranium (and Uranium Stocks)

76 Matt Hougan on What Bitcoin Does to Portfolios

75 Wade Guenther on An Innovative Approach to Investing in Gold (Raise Your Average)

74 Eric Crittenden on The Magic of All-Weather Investing

73 Atul Tiwari on The Case for Investing in Fine Wine as an Alternative Asset Class (RYA Edition)

Ep. 72 Steve Hawkins – The Secret Sauce of Horizons ETFs (Raise Your Average)

Ep. 71 'Running Money' – Jason Mann and Mike Newton Walk Into a Zoom (RYA Ep. 12)

Ep. 70 Ted Seides, Capital Allocators – Investing Lessons from Decades Interviewing Elite Money Managers

Ep. 69 'Timing Luck' and Liquidity Cascades with Corey Hoffstein, Newfound Research (Raise Your Average)

Ep. 68 On Running a Successful Family Office – Arthur Salzer, CIO, Northland Wealth Management

Ep. 67 – Clients Expect Advisors to Lead Them on Responsible Investment – Deborah Debas, Pasquale Posteraro, and Nicola Fritz

Ep. 66 Raise Your Average with Mark Noble, Executive VP, Horizons ETFs

Ep. 65 How to Overcome Six Modern Advisor Practice Challenges – Richard Heft, Andrew Broadhead on The Ascendant Advisor

Ep. 64 Som Seif, Purpose Investments on the World's First Bitcoin and Ether ETFs

Ep. 63 Raise Your Average with Jason Buck CIO Mutiny Fund

Ep. 62 Raise Your Average with Lyn Alden, Lyn Alden Investment Strategy

Ep. 61 Raise Your Average with Alex Shahidi and Damien Bisserier, Co-CIOs, Evoke Advisors

Ep 60 Emerge ARK's Lisa Langley and ARK Analyst Sam Korus on EAXP and ARKX Launch

Ep 59 Raise Your Average with Wesley Gray, PhD, CEO, Alpha Architect

Ep 58 Raise Your Average with Nancy Davis, Quadratic Capital Management LLC on Hedging Against Inflation and Interest Rate Risk

Ep 57 Raise Your Average with Dave Nadig and Tim Nash – ESG: (What's it to you?)

Ep 56 Raise Your Average with Meb Faber and Marc Dalpé – The 60/40 Portfolio Puzzle

Ep 55 The Genomics Revolution - Lisa Lake Langley, Emerge Canada Inc., and Ali Urman, Analyst, ARK Invest

Ep. 54 Som Seif and Greg Taylor, Purpose Investments Reflect on 2020

Ep. 53 Sri Iyer, Guardian Capital on Systematic Dividend Investing

Ep. 52 Candice Bangsund, Fiera Capital on The Post Pandemic Macro Landscape

Ep. 51 Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist, First Trust Portfolios on Post Pandemic Market Economics

Ep. 50 Hans Albrecht and Nicolas Piquard, Horizons ETFs on Covered Calls for Enhanced Income

Ep. 49 Steve Hawkins, President and CEO, Horizons ETFs

Ep. 48 Adam Butler, Resolve Asset Management - Risk Parity is the Answer, What What the Question

Ep. 47 Brooke Thackray: What is Seasonal Investing?

Ep. 46 Mike Philbrick and Rodrigo Gordillo, Resolve AM

Ep. 45 Michael Greenberg: Rebalance? Yes, but where?

Ep. 44 Hubert Marleau: Macro, Micro, and Mini-Micro – Now and Post-Pandemic

Ep. 43 Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi: Advisors' Future Success Depends on Keeping Women Engaged

Ep. 42 Guy Haselmann: How World Order Looks After COVID-19

Ep. 41 Sandy Liang: The Correction/Opportunity Set of 2020's Bond and Credit Market Crisis

Ep. 40 Mark Noble: Did ETFs Pass the Pandemic Sell-Off Test?


Ep. 39 David Picton: Is the 60/40 Portfolio Dead?


Ep. 38 Daniel Straus: Canadians Lead the World in ETF Innovation


Ep. 37 Mike Philbrick and Rodrigo Gordillo: Time to get comfortable being uncomfortable


Ep. 36 Som Seif: Conventional Fixed Income Will Be High Risk, Low Return


Ep. 35 Dan Richards: How to be the most valuable advisor to clients


Ep. 34 Goshka Folda: What will make you the irreplaceable advisor?


Ep. 33 Jason Del Vicario: The Journey to Discretionary Portfolio Manager


Ep. 32 Greg Taylor: Outlook for Cannabis, Energy, and Banking


Ep. 31 David Rosenberg: In depth on Canada, U.S., and Global Economy and Markets



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