AdvisorAnalyst.com®, founded in 2007, syndicates and delivers investment insight, actionable commentary and analysis to the wealth management industry, investment professionals, and investors.

Our mission is to be of service to investment advisors and other investment professionals by providing access to a wealth of knowledge in a way that is both valuable and useful to them.

We didn’t start AdvisorAnalyst.com as a group of media people who saw an opportunity in the wealth management industry, but instead as a group of industry professionals who recognized that we could serve investment advisors, and ultimately the entire wealth management community.

We each have 20 years of extensive first-hand experience and knowledge of dealer operations, third party custody and record keeping, issuer operations, advisor marketing, fundco marketing, retail advisory, and wholesaling in the wealth management industry.

We get the wealth management industry.

We are not here to offer investment advice, we are not here to manage investment assets on behalf of investors, and we are not here to provide our own opinion. We are here to provide you with the greatest variety of first-hand knowledge, context, opinion, and insight, in an objective way, from those in the field, leaving you to decide as a professional what you will with it.

Thank you! We're honoured to be of service to you.

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