2023 Fidelity Retirement Report: Rising costs shake Canadians' Retirement Optimism

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In this episode we welcome Peter Bowen and Michelle Munro from Fidelity Investments Canada, two leading minds in the field, to discuss their insights and discussing the findings from the recent 2023 Fidelity Retirement Report.

Today's financial climate is more complex than ever. The cost of living continues to rise, and market volatility seems like the new norm. Yet, amidst all of these challenges, Canadians are maintaining an optimistic outlook towards retirement, thanks in part to sound financial planning and advice.

Fidelity Investments Canada' 2023 Fidelity Retirement Report, now in its 18th iteration, is a vital resource for financial advisors and investors alike. It aims to shed light on current retirement trends and offer strategies for both preparing for and living during retirement.

The report discusses a wide range of influencing factors, including inflation, housing costs, interest rates, and, of course, market volatility. All of these elements play significant roles in how we plan and strategize for our retirement years.

Peter is Vice President of Tax and Retirement Research and Michelle is Director of Tax and Retirement Research at Fidelity Investments Canada.

Thank you for listening. Don't miss what Peter and Michelle have to say about how we can all better equip ourselves for the financial realities of retirement, no matter what changes the market throws our way.

Read the 2023 Fidelity Retirement Report

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