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Justin Castelli, RIA, founder of RLS Wealth Management joins the RYA Crew to talk about his very successful journey in personal brand building as an advisor, that began when he established his own RIA, after being an advisor for 10 years. Justin talks about when and how he decided to use the power of blogs, video and podcasts to create a strong persona that reflected his values, personality and knowledge, and grew the footprint of his Indiana-based firm from local to nationwide.

Since then, Castelli has widened the scope of his work to co-developing The AGC Community (Advisor Growth Community) an advisor marketing peer group that meets on a regular basis to exchange marketing and process experiences with one another. Justin has been a featured guest speaker at some of the world's largest financial conferences where he has shared his experience with personal brand building with thousands of advisors.

This year, Castelli was recruited to join the team at Onramp Invest, a company founded by CEO, Tyrone Ross, a now well known RIA, who has specialized within the HNW cryptocurrency space. Onramp Invest provides advisors with the ability to merge their clients crypto- and defi assets into the investment planning ecosystem, via an IPaaS, Integration Platform as a Service. We talk about what this means for advisors, particularly in the context of being able to advise their clients who already own crypto-assets outside of their purview, and how it has the potential to beneficially impact the way advisors and investors can work together to include their already-owned, or planned crypto-asset investments, into full view of their financial planning.

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