Picton Mahoney's Eloquent Television Campaign

Canadian alternative asset manager, Picton Mahoney Asset Management, has launched a new television campaign with the help of creative agency Church+State, production company Airfoil Media, and broadcast partner TSN / Bell Media.

When Picton Mahoney decided to to go ahead with a TV campaign on TSN's Golf Talk Canada, they realized that it would make sense for it to be more than just sponsorship. Phil Clark, the firm's Head of Marketing, says, "Given the interests of our ideal client, we started looking at media relating to golf. We combined the two, creating spots that would run during the program for the foreseeable future."

In the midst of the uncertain economic and investment climate of 2020 and beyond, it's exciting to see Picton Mahoney, whose strengths are rooted in managing volatility, seize on the chance to make an important point.

The 30-second spots are eloquent, relating the hazards golfers encounter playing the game, to the investment risks facing investors. Each one features the voice of President, CEO and Portfolio Manager of Picton Mahoney, David Picton saying, "You consider risk with every shot. We consider risk with every decision. Picton Mahoney is experienced in managing volatility to help you stay invested in all market conditions including this one."

Here is a preview of the spots:




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