RBC CEO McKay Sees Significant Opportunities in US from Davos 2024

Dave McKay, President & CEO at RBC, speaks to Bloomberg about the HSBC acquisition, RBC's growth strategy, and the Canadian Economy.

Timestamped Highlights:

00:00:00: Discussion on HSBC Canada's acquisition by RBC, highlighting the strength and excitement about the integration and the growth story for RBC.

00:00:52: Emphasis on HSBC's global banking capabilities, including multicurrency accounts and trade finance, which will enhance RBC's offerings.

00:01:16: Integration benefits for clients and shareholders, with improved return on equity and accretive value from the acquisition.

00:02:20: Discussion on the importance and resilience of global trade, despite current geopolitical challenges.

00:03:14: RBC's focus on expanding its global wealth management, with recent acquisitions and future growth plans.

00:04:08: RBC's strategy in the U.S., emphasizing organic growth in wealth management and capital markets, rather than investment banking.

00:06:52: Insights into the Canadian housing market and the impact of interest rate changes on mortgages and banking.


  • HSBC Canada Acquisition:
    • RBC received regulatory approval in December for acquiring HSBC Canada.
    • The transaction is set to close at the end of March.
    • HSBC Canada's assets, including $80 billion and 750,000 clients, will be migrated to RBC.
    • HSBC's strengths in global connectivity and trade finance will enhance RBC's offerings.
    • The acquisition is expected to be highly accretive to RBC's shareholders.
  • Global Wealth Management Focus:
    • RBC is building a global wealth management franchise.
    • They are the third-largest wealth manager in the UK and sixth in the US.
    • The focus is on acquiring capabilities in wealth management, especially in fragmented markets like the UK.
  • US Market Strategy:
    • RBC sees significant organic growth opportunities in the US.
    • They are expanding their capital markets operation and wealth management in the US.
    • City National Bank, a regional US bank owned by RBC, is a key part of their US strategy.
  • Regulatory Environment and Expansion:
    • The uncertain regulatory environment in the US, particularly around liquidity and capital rules, affects valuation and expansion strategies.
    • RBC awaits more clarity on these regulations before valuing US franchises for potential acquisitions.
  • Canadian Housing Market and Economy:
    • Canada is experiencing a payment shock due to variable rate mortgages.
    • This has led to a significant slowdown in consumer spending.
    • Canada is likely entering a soft landing recession early in the year.
    • Inflation remains slightly above 3%, with more payment shocks expected unless interest rates decrease.




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