Mega-Cap Dominance and Sector-Specific Recovery: What to watch (Paul Kornfeld, SIACharts)

Paul Kornfeld, President at SIACharts joins us for an comprehensive update featuring SIACharts' insights.

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We talked about relative strength rankings and how they can guide your investment decisions globally. Small-cap stocks in the US may be lower ranked compared to their large-cap counterparts, but Canadian small-cap stocks are showing promise. We also discussed the movement in energy markets – they've been on the decline but set for gains, while alternatives have been gaining momentum. And fixed income? While it hasn't shown much improvement, it's waiting for that bounce back when interest rates start dropping. Stay away from underperforming areas, follow the analysis, and keep an eye out for sector opportunities in Canada and the US. And, we even explored potential investment opportunities in Mexico, and India. These countries are aligning with western interests, less vulnerable to China's influence, and have charts showing clear breakouts.

Timestamped Highlights:

[00:03:24] We discuss discuss market performance, interest rates, inflation.

[00:10:48] Market recovering, room for growth, market breadth.

[00:15:17] Mega-cap tech stocks dominate market returns. Breath problem persists. Financial recovery underway. Transportation sector improves. Sector flows signal concerns. July historically positive, but caution for August-September.

[00:26:48] Seasonality varies across different market areas. Building an ensemble of indicators is important. Market could be overbought and a bit exuberant. Consider tightening risk levels and taking profits. Summer seasonality may present challenges.

[00:30:02] Expectations for Q4 earnings are changing, with certain sectors predicted to have higher earnings. Information technology remains strong, while utilities have surprisingly high expectations.

[00:36:00] Stocks lagging, utilities messy, no clear trends

[00:44:11] Rankings show US outperforming Canada due to sector composition.

[00:46:50] Global, Europe, international, US Small Cap, Canadian Small Cap, energy markets, alternatives, North American Equity, emerging markets, fixed income, bond valuations, underperformance, sector analysis

[00:53:07] Real estate market booming in Calgary.

[00:56:58] Price expected to pause at resistance level. Support at 125. Potential move down 1%. Resistance at 139. Range between 128 to 138. Short-term outlook weakened. Not bullish for USD.

[01:03:10] US has performed well, Nasdaq has potential.

[01:09:15] Point figure chart eliminates short-term noise. Candlestick chart has more noise. Point figure chart shows value in different time periods. Visuals help identify upside and levels. Long-term view is important. Russell 2000 chart is noisier with a smaller range.

[01:13:06] International markets have potential, particularly Argentina, Mexico, and India. Emerging markets may catch up with developed markets.

[01:20:33] Security mindset challenges, breakout opportunities, orderly uptrend. Reassuring narrative: supply chain shift to aligned countries. Risk management and accumulation strategies. Pay attention to new highs in portfolio.

[01:36:42] Summarizing the text in 6 words: Simplified commodity strategy with low volatility.

[01:40:41] Increased dispersion across asset classes creates opportunities.

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