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Recently, at the ETFInsight/Credo 9th Annual ETF Conference we had the honour and pleasure of catching up in person with some of Canada's most illuminating experts and friends of ours at - Eric Nuttall, Ninepoint Partners, Rodrigo Gordillo, ReSolve Asset Management Global, Daniel Straus, National Bank Financial, and Alfred Lee, BMO Global Asset Management.

Please enjoy our conversations.

Eric Nuttall, Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager, Ninepoint Partners

Eric Nuttall shares his thesis on the generational investment opportunity in energy for Canadian investors over the next 6 years.

More on Eric's generational investing opportunity in energy thesis.

Rodrigo Gordillo, President, ReSolve Asset Management Global

Rodrigo Gordillo joins us to discuss how advisors can make their model portfolios more adaptive and resilient in the climate of inflation, rising rates, and volatility.

More on Return Stacking™:

Daniel Straus, Director, ETF Research & Strategy, National Bank Financial

Daniel Straus discusses his group's research, insights, investment strategy & opportunities for 2023 and beyond.

More from Daniel Straus' outlook and ETF strategies for today's markets.

Alfred Lee, Portfolio Manager & Investment Strategist, BMO Global Asset Management

Alfred Lee joins us to discuss his outlook, insights, and investment strategy for 2023.

More from Alfred Lee's outlook and strategies.

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