Elite Engagement: 6 Ways to Elevate Client Relationships

by Capital Group

Astute financial advisors understand that deep engagement with investors is key to client loyalty, quality referrals and practice growth. But how to get there isn’t always so obvious.

It takes a deliberate and holistic approach to define your value in a way that resonates with clients. Even more important is finding ways to project that sensibility through your service model and standard operating procedures.

Relying on a deep history of working with top financial professionals, our Advisor Practice Management team has gathered some of the best practices and ideas into a curriculum we call Elite Engagement. The program is built on six pillars, complete with articles and videos full of actionable insights you can use in your practice:

  1. Turbocharge your brand: Brand goes beyond a well-designed logo and a carefully crafted elevator speech. It’s about articulating your purpose and mission in an emotionally resonant way, then integrating it into every aspect of your practice. 3 brand-building essentials for your business provides a straightforward strategy and a 21-day action plan for getting started
  2. Acquire the ideal client: Segmenting your client list is an important step for advisors seeking to maximize the impact of their time and energy. It starts with identifying your ideal client, then creating a service model that prioritizes the work that’s most valuable to your practice. What’s an “ideal” client (and how do you find them)? offers a simple segmentation strategy and a servicing framework to help guide your client communications.
  3. Deliver results, not performance: It’s easy for clients to become fixated on what the market’s doing and begin evaluating advisors based on performance expectations. But a client’s truest success measure isn’t relative performance — it’s their progress toward goals. In The Power of Storytelling, we share ways you can use stories to reinforce investing lessons and keep clients focused on their long-term goals.
  4. Deliver priceless value: Top advisors find opportunities to showcase their value beyond investment selection and asset allocation. Helping clients navigate volatile markets or challenging family dynamics can be an important part of delivering a superior client experience. See how our Bridging the generation gap: How to have a family wealth briefing article provides an opportunity to demonstrate your capability while also connecting with the next generation of clients.
  5. Drive productivity and business efficiency: As your practice evolves, time and other resources may limit your capacity and present barriers to growth. Finding your focus can help you scale your business at any stage. The article 5 ways to improve productivity is designed to help you overcome those hurdles by determining what your time is worth, learning to delegate and building a forward-thinking team.
  6. Fuel growth with a strategic approach to networking and referrals: Client acquisition is a meaningful challenge for most advisors. Building partnerships through your existing client base, as well as through influential professionals like accountants and attorneys, can be a powerful source of referrals — especially online. Our How to reach HNW clients through LinkedIn video offers a detailed, step-by-step demonstration of how to make the most of this social media tool.

Stay tuned for more! We’ll be adding to and enhancing these offerings over time to help you continue building and sharpening your skills to better serve your clients.



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