Hubert Marleau, Market Economist, Palos Management

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About Hubert Marleau

Co-founder of Palos Capital Corporation and Palos Management Inc., Hubert Marleau has been a board member for more than 100 publicly traded companies. He’s currently Market Economist at Palos Management.

In the past, Mr. Marleau held the position of Chairman, President and Managing Director of Palos Capital Corp., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marleau Lemire Securities, Governor of the Vancouver and Montreal Stock Exchange, Chairman of the Listing Committee of the Toronto Stock Exchange, Senior Vice President of Nesbitt Thomson & Co., and Senior Executive Vice President of Levesque Beaubien Inc..

He received an Honours Graduate Degree in economics from the University of Ottawa and is now the Chairman of the Marleau Lecture Series on Economic and Monetary policy.

Founded in 2001, Palos Management is a boutique financial management firm that offers a variety of investment products and solutions.
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