The Future of Advisor Marketing Today with Richard Heft and Andrew Broadhead

Richard Heft, President, and Andrew Broadhead, Head of Content, at EXT. Marketing, and co-authors of the bestselling guide, The Ascendant Advisor, join us to talk about how advisors can transform their practice into a competitive business magnet in today's digital world. If you're an advisor, then this conversation is entirely all about how you can change the way your new clients find you, find out about you, and get to know you, so they're familiar with you, well before they meet you. It's also just as much about how you can widen the scope of your existing client relationships, to build stronger bonds with them, to let them further into your realm, so that you become more referable, in ways you might not have imagined.

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Investment advisors spent the better part of the last 18 months successfully maintaining and growing their businesses, mostly from within their existing client bases. It's apparent COVID-19 forced us on to every digital platform out there. Now we use Zoom, Webex, and Teams for example for most of our meetings, and Facetime and similar to stay in touch with our families. What has been lost however, is ability to be in the same room with our people and our clients. And, anecdotal evidence suggests that the majority of people are reluctant to come to an office for a meeting or, for that matter meet in their homes, to get to know you, the advisor.

It's been relatively much easier to maintain existing relationships, particularly where business is concerned, than to develop new ones. Advisors are challenged when it comes to bringing on new clients, having a hard time being able to coalesce and relate personally from behind the small screens of dgital conferencing. So how can advisors up their prospecting game. For that matter, how can any consultative professional up their effectiveness and their competitiveness when it comes to forming new relationships with new clients?

Expect to walk away with new perspective on this, and some juicy takeaways about how you can transform the nature of your advisory business.

Get yourself a copy of The Ascendant Advisor. This book is chock full of insight, and actionable but not costly tips that you can start using today.

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