Ep. 72 Steve Hawkins – The Secret Sauce of Horizons ETFs (Raise Your Average)

Our conversation with Steve Hawkins, President & CEO, Horizons ETFs Canada. 'Hawk' begins by taking us on the journey from his humble beginnings on Bay Street all the way to his appointment as Head of Horizons ETFs. We talk about the culture of openness, candor, and enthusiasm he has fostered at Horizons, and of their willingness and drive to push the envelope on identifying and launching ETF solutions well ahead of the s-curve like fruition of their underlying markets.

These include making some of the lowest cost index-based ETFs available to investors; being the first to work with active portfolio managers to develop some of Canada's earliest and/or most advanced actively-managed ETFs such as Horizons ReSolve Adaptive Asset Allocation ETF (HRAA), Horizons Seasonality ETF (HAC), as well as its numerous enhanced income 'covered call' and active fixed income mandates; boldly developing some of the most progressive and wildly successful thematic investment ideas like Canada's first Marijuana ETF (HMMJ), and more recently taking the mantle on launching PSYK, the Psychedelic Stocks ETF (PSYK), well ahead of what were/are expected to be watershed legislative and medical care therapies changes, respectively, taking place in the field of health, and mental health sciences; finally, some very interesting 'pick and shovel' themes surrounding the technological 'gold rush.' We get into all of it.

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