4 Concentrated Factor Investing with Wesley Gray, PhD, Alpha Architect

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In this episode, your very own Raise Your Average crew are joined by Wesley Gray, PhD, CEO of Alpha Architect. Alpha Architect is a firm, based in the U.S. that specializes in quantitative research. Wesley completed his MBA and PhD at the University of Chicago, Harvard of the finance world, where he was notably a student of Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama. His expertise is in quantitative research and factor investing. We talk about his experience, perspective and his firm's systematic investing strategies.

It is incredible to us that Gray took a four-year break from his PhD in 1988, joined the Marines, and went to Iraq, where he served as an intelligence advisor to Iraqi troops in combat. He is also a bestselling author of several books. In this conversation he talks about how he transitioned from a value-investing stock picker to a quant, focused on the factors that drive the market and the methods and process he employs to reduce or remove behavioural error from portfolios.

Our chat with Wes Gray illuminates the subtle nuance and discipline of concentrated factor investing, the difference between behavioural and risk-based factor premiums, and the pros and cons of active management over passive and index-based strategies.

Wes discusses his PhD research, the portfolio rules which structure his firm, and how it differs from larger advisor companies. He also shares his views on selecting quant models, hedge funds, value premiums, and market-cap indexing.

Thank you for your time. We hope you'll enjoy and take away a great deal of incremental knowledge from this insight-filled conversation with Wesley Gray about investing.

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