Guy Haselmann: A Thoughtful Look at World Order After COVID-19

Our conversation with Capital Markets Strategist, Guy Haselmann, on COVID-19's market, economic and social shock, and contemplating what the exit from the economic shutdown may look like, and how it may reshape world order.

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As the pandemic dissipates, businesses open and individuals come out of hibernation, our world will be forever changed. Time at home has allowed for self-reflection. New behaviors will be adopted by individuals and businesses alike. Relationships between neighbors, employees and employers, and citizens and their governments will be transformed.

Some bonds will be made stronger, but in other cases, particularly where frailties of system or leadership ineptitudes have been exposed, anger and resentment will reign. Some shifts in relationships and personal behavior will be immediately noticeable, while others will evolve more slowly over time. High indebtedness and unfavorable demographics will be drags on economic activity and markets for decades to come, while also influencing politics and global security.

A movement toward de-globalization will cultivate a lowering of international trade with destabilizing geopolitical results. At the highest level, material shifts to geopolitical considerations and away from Ricardian ones will change world order and the course of history. These will impact every person and institution on the planet.

– Guy Haselmann, The Dawning of a New Future


About Guy Haselmann

Mr. Haselmann has 30 years of diverse capital markets experience, including 14 years building and managing assets at 2 well-known macro hedge funds. During his career, Mr. Haselmann traded numerous capital market securities. He has developed risk management strategies and trading procedure guidelines. Previously, Mr Haselmann was Director of Capital Markets strategy, at Scotiabank GBM, where he incorporated a global macro approach. Mr. Haselmann has been published in academic journals, newspapers, and has written countless strategy pieces. He has appeared on various TV and Radio programs, such as BNN Bloomberg and Bloomberg. Mr. Haselmann is a guest lecturer at several universities, including his alma mater the University of Delaware Lerner College of Business and Economics. He is a frequent panelist at industry conferences. In addition, Mr. Haselmann was a gubernatorial appointee to the NJ State Investment Council and was appointed by the chair to the Investment Policy, Executive, and Nomination subcommittees. Mr. Haselmann is President, and a member of the Board of Governors, of the NY Money Marketeers.
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