Easter and Passover Recipes For the Season, and other (Long) Weekend Reads

Here are this long Easter and Passover weekend's reading diversions for your personal enlightenment – Wise thought of this week's reading – When it comes to your children, reward and praise them for their efforts, and reduce emphasising on their talents. Happy Easter, and Happy Pesach!

Words that could unlock your child

The difference is simply that high achievers practise for more hours. Further research has shown that when students seem to possess a particular gift, it is often because they have been given extra tuition at home by their parents.


Alex Pattakos: 'Opa!' It's a Lifestyle (Part 1)

The Greek word "opa!" has deeper meaning and significance than many people may realize. To be sure, most people of Greek heritage, and even those who are not, have used or heard this word on some occasion.


Lisa Earle McLeod: The Key to Success That No One Talks About

Traditional wisdom says that success or failure is largely determined by your skills and knowledge. However, there's a third element of success that's more intangible. Sometimes we call it attitude or motivation, but that's only part of it. The real name for that intangible thing is "ethos."


Traditional Meets Modern: Easter and Passover Recipes for the Season

Many of us celebrate Easter for the coming of spring and the celebration with family. For children, the ritual of egg hunting and bunnies exists until we find out who really hides the eggs. For Christians and Catholics, Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. For the Jewish faith, it is the celebration of Passover, when the spirit of the Lord “passed over” any house that could heed symbolic warning.


Maple syrup contains lots of antioxidants, scientists have found
Maple syrup: It's sweet, it's calorific, and -- this just in -- it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and stuff. Which must mean -- reasoning leap alert! -- that it is a superfood that can help ward off myriad health problems, like cancer and diabetes.


Sad dads: depressed fathers spank more, read less

Fathers who are depressed are more than three times as likely to spank their 1-year-old children as fathers who are not depressed, reported researchers from the University of Michigan in the April edition of the journal Pediatrics.  Depressed dads are also less likely to read to their children at least three times a week.  Spanking is associated with negative outcomes for kids; reading is associated with positive ones.


Leo Galland, M.D.: Ginger's Health Benefits: Fighting Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis

Aromatic ginger is a superstar of traditional medicine in Asia, where it has been treasured for thousands of years for its amazing flavors and impressive health benefits.


Keyed In | Life + Times

At almost any level, Research In Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry is an executive’s must-have accessory. The tried-and-true device has gone from a black-and-white messaging machine to essentially a handheld computer. Life + Times caught up with Todd Wood, RIM’s VP of Industrial Design, to thumb through the brand’s ethos on design and identity.


Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D.: Who Is Popular at First Sight?

Most alarmingly, self-centered people were more liked and were also expected to like others more. In reality, self-centered people actually disliked others more, evaluating their peers more negatively! Therefore, while self-centered people may be perceived as more friendly, they are actually less friendly.



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