China Holds the Trump Card?

China is trouncing its economic competition when it comes to manufacturing exports. In 2008, China decided to hitch its trailer to the U.S. dollar, fixing its exchange rate at 6.83 yuan. This was a wise move on China's part considering at the time, its export sector got destroyed by the global credit meltdown, and the shipping business all but died, following the bust at Lehman Brothers.

At the same time, China embarked on a bold $586-billion (U.S.) stimulus in the fourth quarter of 2008 to spend its way domestically out of the credit crisis, and loosened bank lending (which added $1.3-trillion in new domestic bank credit). This initiative on its part meant that China was able to stockpile cheaper commodities, buying them ahead of demand, and pump liquidity into its real estate and equity markets, while waiting patiently for its coveted export sector to return to prominence.

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Pierre Daillie, (,, January 25, 2010.

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