Jeremy Grantham: Prepare for Low Growth, Higher Energy Prices

Jeremy Grantham has released his latest newsletter, "Boring, Fair Price." Grantham's newsletter is a must read, given that he has made some of the most noteworthy and canny calls of the last decade. Grantham called the tech bust, accurately predicted 10 years out, the S&P 500 would revert to a fair value of 950 last fall, give or take a few days, and exited emerging markets last summer. In early March, his letter, presciently titled "Reinvesting when Terrified," was released the day the market turned around.

Here, Grantham writes how he has bitten hard on the energy transition apple, a theme we have covered a great deal throughout the year, and goes to some, but not too much length to explain that higher energy prices loom, and what their impact will be on agriculture and transportation, and how oil will eventually flow (only) to its first and best uses. This one will be near and dear to Canadian investors.

Click the button in the top right corner to full screen the viewer, and use the menu on the left hand topside to print. Or, you may download it here.

Grantham of GMO's Q2 letter

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