Commodity Snapshot

Below we provide Bespoke's trading range charts of ten major commodities.  The green shading represents two standard deviations above and below the commodity's 50-day moving average, and moves above and below indicate extreme overbought and oversold levels.  It's no news that commodities have suffered major pullbacks over the last two months, and the charts below provide a good view on how bad it has been.

After trading at the top of its range for what seemed like forever, oil finally traded to the bottom of its range late last week, and after touching extreme oversold territory, it finally bounced for a couple of days, only to see big declines again on Friday.  Like most other commodities, natural gas unfortunately hasn't gotten a bounce.  Since touching 13.58 in early July, nat gas is down 42%.

While gold declines from $1000 to under $800 make the headlines for precious metals, platinum and silver have actually gotten hit harder.  From their peaks, silver has fallen 38% and platinum has fallen 40%.

Corn, wheat, orange juice and coffee have actually staged some pretty good rallies off of oversold levels over the last couple of weeks.  Wheat almost touched overbought territory last week, but all four are still well off their highs earlier this year.






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