Hendry: Speculation is Dead, Gold is Heading to $600

As you know, GreenLightAdvisor.com is a huge fan of the outspoken Hugh Hendry, CIO, Eclectica Asset, who has been a unique, eloquent, and brash voice in this market. Its our sense that Hendry is also uniquely alone, and lucid, in the marketplace in terms of his outlook, and for this reason should be added to your must see/must listen to list.

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The segment which aired August 19, 2008 on CNBC Europe, also contains midway, a terrific interview with GE CEO Jeff Immelt.

"There is no role for speculation or speculators today. This is kaput," Hendry said. "If we were Second World War generals, we've exposed our flanks. We've been wiped out. This is about fundamentals … this is about losing money."

As the crisis unfolds, the policymakers' focus should shift from the threat of inflation to that of the world economic downturn, which could be more severe than economists anticipate, he said. (Watch Hendry's interview below for more on the economy, inflation and commodities).

China, which many believe will balance out slowdowns elsewhere, will struggle if difficulties in the U.S. continue, while the current spike in producer prices is just a hangover from rising oil prices earlier this year, Hendry said.

"I fear that the central bankers of the world are fighting yesterday's battle," he said.

As for the banking sector, it is "insolvent," Hendry said, adding he can't tell just how low those stocks will go.

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