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Alfonso Peccatiello, Founder, CEO, & Macro Strategist at The Macro Compass joins us for an amazing deep dive into what is behind all of today's macro-economic and macro-market considerations and discussions. If you're interested in getting at what is at the heart of today's volatile inflation, interest rate, bond yield, and monetary policy considerations across all regions including Europe and the US, don't miss this conversation.

Alfonso Peccatiello's explanation of what is driving all macro considerations in the sobering monetary policy environment we find ourselves in today, is eye-opening. Macro Alf, (@macroalf on Twitter) as he is otherwise known across the internet, provides an eloquent and lucid view of the bewildering plumbing of the economy and markets.

Alfonso once ran a $20-billion portfolio at ING Bank, and while there, operated in the midst of personal consultations with among many others, all central bankers, central banks, and trading floors across Europe and the UK. He has a deep understanding of global bond markets, and his familiarity with all things macro has bestowed him with a rare gift of being able to explain some of the most complicated topics of the financial system so that anyone can begin to understand how it all works.

His substack and podcast are/were among the most popular finance outlets across the financesphere of the internet.

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