Are Inflation Fears Overblown?

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Darius Dale, Founder and CEO, 42 Macro LLC, and Jason Del Vicario, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Hillside Wealth Management at IA Private Wealth join us to talk about the inflation outlook and debate the "weather" and whether the threat of inflation, inflationary volatility, and recession are overblown in this climate of extremely negative sentiment around both bond and stock markets.

Darius Dale and his firm, 42 Macro, now based in upstate New York, are a 'macro-quantamental' research shop which have had incredible success in disrupting the world of market and economic research with his unequalled economic research and forecasting model, which now provides top down views and signalling to literally trillions of dollars across institutional investment assets, as well as a full spectrum of asset management firms, advisors, family offices and investors of all categories.

Jason Del Vicario, Hillside Wealth Management was our guest advisor and portfolio manager panelist for this episode and he contributed his bottom up fundamental views to the debate.

As a result of our guests' philosophically opposite views on the economy, markets and investing, the debate managed to reach an interesting conclusion, where top-down meets bottom-up.

We hope you enjoy our conversation.

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