Kim Shannon: The Return of Value, Inflation, & Canadian Equities

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Kim Shannon, Founder & Co-CIO, Sionna Investment Managers, joins us on Raise Your Average for a very enjoyable and insightful deep dive conversation about value investing, that value is an inflation/reflation trade, and has some advice for stock investors heading into 2022. The Canadian market is undervalued right now and there's a lot of opportunity for investors to take advantage of in the new year.

Today is International Women's Day and in honour of that, we are excited to serendipitously feature our conversation of February 14, 2022 with Kim Shannon, one of Canada's extraordinary value investors.

Our conversation begins with Kim Shannon sharing some of her early experiences as a value investor, and notably as one of the very few 'first' women in Canadian capital markets to have the courage and the conviction to follow her dream as a value equity portfolio manager. She so humbly describes the journey, and the hard work that led to her meteoric rise into the pantheon of Canadian equity fund managers.

She points out that the last twelve years have been the longest period in market history of high quality fundamental value-investing underperformance relative to growth investing, also noting that 80% of the time, value has outshone growth investing. Shannon believes that we've possibly passed the inflection point, the change to a reflationary regime, that favours value investing. And, as investors turn their sights back to quality, growth, competitiveness, and risk, she points out that Canada is not only undervalued, read 'cheap', but that today's inflationary/reflationary triggers are a great setup for Canadian Equities.


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