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Preet Banerjee, Founder and CEO of MoneyGaps (https://moneygaps.com) joins us for a deep dive into the topic of the value of financial advice, and he has been researching the answer to the question, "How do you quantify the value of financial advice?". This is a quintessential question, and the answer is not simple. We get into an eloquent and well explained conversation about the different qualitative and quantitative components that make up that value. As pretext, Preet Banerjee is in the process of completing a Ph.D. on this very subject of how to quantify the value of financial advice (across all advice channels).

In addition, Preet recently founded MoneyGaps.com (2019), a software service for financial advisors to help them deliver a lighter, but more holistic planning experience for Canadians who may not have millions of dollars. He explains how his company's Hybrid Advice Software-as-a-Service platform can be used by Canadian Advisors to bridge their ability to do business across the generational and/or under-accumulated wealth divides.

Preet is the bestselling author of the personal finance books, Stop Over-Thinking Your Money!: The Five Simple Rules Of Financial Success (2014).

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