18 Nicolas Piquard on The Bull Case for Uranium (and Uranium Stocks)

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Nicolas Piquard, Vice President, and Portfolio Manager at Horizons ETFs joins us for a thorough and insightful discussion on the bull case for Uranium and Uranium producers. In addition to co-managing the Horizons ETFs lineup of Covered Call ETFs, Nicolas Piquard also manages the Horizons Global Uranium Index ETF (ticker: HURA) which seeks to replicate the Solactive Global Uranium Pure-Play Index consisting of holdings in the world's leading Uranium producers, the largest positions of which are currently Cameco (19.4%), Kazetomprom, Yellow Cake PLC, Nexgen Energy, and may also participate in directly in the price of Uranium itself.

Our conversation with Piquard bridges the wide ranging gap in sentiment for Uranium itself over the last decade since the Fukushima disaster, to the climate change débâcle which is resulting in global shortages of the nuclear fuel. Ironically, while there has been much controversy surrounding nuclear power over the last decade, it is starting to become apparent that nuclear power generation holds some of the integral keys to solving the secular drive to de-carbonize the world. We get into the growing demand fundamentals versus long-term supply constraints of the Uranium sector.

With Uranium prices having been as much as 90% off their pre-Fukushima highs during the last decade, and posting a strong recovery off its extremely low base, Nicolas Piquard says "we are still in the early innings here."

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