16 Wade Guenther on An Innovative Approach to Investing in Gold

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Wade Guenther, Partner, at New York-based Wilshire Phoenix, who spent the better part of his early career at Horizons ETFs Canada and sister U.S.-based company, Global X ETFs, joins us to discuss the real assets markets, commodities, gold, bitcoin, and inflationary pressures that are shaping the macro-landscape. We discuss Wilshire Phoenix's innovative new take on a way investors can strategically invest and diversify into gold, that reduces the normal volatility of participating in the barbarous relic, and enhance long-term returns.

Gold is typically viewed by investors as a tactical allocation, something you want to own when you need to own it. That way of thinking comes with the problem of trying to correctly time gold ownership as part of a portfolio.

Guenther explains how strategically owning gold in a way that makes it easier to keep owning gold as a permanent long-term strategic holding in portfolios was an aspect that was absent the market. Whether you believe it or not, the evidence shows allocating to gold strategically is and has been accretive to returns in the long term, and it also helps mitigate portfolio volatility, which can significantly contribute to the ability to remain invested through market events. We get into to engineering behind WGLD, Wilshire wShares Enhanced Gold Trust.

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