Eric Crittenden on The Magic of All-Weather Investing (RYA Ep. 15)

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Eric Crittenden, CIO, Standpoint Asset Management joins us to talk about how portfolios can be constructed to withstand or survive a variety of market shocks and regime changes, as well as and all importantly provide potentially superior long-term equity like returns.

In a regime where market shocks have a tendency to send most risk assets' correlations to 1, how and what do you combine in a portfolio that will greatly reduce 'sequence of returns' risk, survive the behavioural risk of wanting to exit at the wrong time, and superior long-term outcomes?

Believe it or not, most investors are wired to dislike diversification, especially when it's done correctly. A thoughtful perspective and approach is required to re-wire our lizard brains. For advisors, true diversification represents short term career risk; for investors, it leads to a minefield of impatience and potentially deleterious behavioural mistakes. We dive into the realm of All-Weather investing, how it works, and how to think about it. Eric Crittenden tells us the story of his career journey to solve the problem, his chance acquaintance, then long-term friendship with investing legend and mentor, Tom Basso (think The New Market Wizards), and the very thoughtful ways they do it at Standpoint Asset Management.

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