Atul Tiwari on The Case for Investing in Fine Wine as an Alternative Asset Class

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Atul Tiwari, CEO, Cult Wines Canada ( joins us for a delightful and captivating conversation on the inner workings of the world of investable and collectable fine wine (for starters, think first-growth left-bank Bordeaux's), and of Cult Wines Canada's (his latest foundling) work to bring the world of investable fine wine to the Canadian market. Atul Tiwari is the former founding President of BMO ETFs and former CEO of Vanguard Canada, which grew to $30-billion in assets, before his departure at the end of 2018.

Since his departure from from the top role at Vanguard Canada, Tiwari went on, in March 2021, to co-found Cult Wines Canada, the joint venture with Cult Wines UK, along with its Global CEO, Tom Gearing, to bring the exciting opportunity of investing in investment grade fine wines, which represent roughly only 1% of the world's annual production, to Canadian investors.

Cult Wines UK is the rapidly-growing and well known UK-based investable wine boutique investment firm with investments in rare, investable wine assets.

We roll up our sleeves, and get into how this unique, and once walled-off, once very private dealing network for wines from the highly-vaunted wine growers has been brought to accessibility, by Cult Wines, for all investors seeking a way to take part in this lucrative market.

If you've ever wondered exactly how the investment grade wine market works (or if it's all new to you), come hang out with us for a little while and have your blanks filled.

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