9 On Running a Successful Family Office – Arthur Salzer, CIO, Northland Wealth Management


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Our conversation with Arthur Salzer, CEO, CIO, of Northland Wealth Management, one of Canada's leading wealth management family offices. Arthur Salzer shares his personal history, his early career experiences, and the process and steps he and his firm took under his stewardship which have culminated in Northland Wealth Management's success as a private, independent wealth manager.

For those of you in the private wealth management business, our conversation is a valuable walk-through on best practices, the fiduciary mindset, due diligence, and his independent research on real estate, real assets, private equity, equities, technology, and cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ether.

Salzer shares some interesting nuggets on private equity, and reminds us of the simple truth that if you always put your clients above your firm's interests, and your own, you can't go wrong.

We hope you enjoy our conversation.

Full Transcript: Coming soon


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