7 Hedging Tail Risk and Entrepreneurial Risk with Jason Buck, CIO, Mutiny Fund

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Jason Buck, Chief Investment Officer of Mutiny Fund joins us. Based in California, Mutiny was born out of Jason Buck's quest to find a way to hedge entrepreneurial risk {he was in commercial real estate in 2006-2008). After the GFC, he figured there had to be a way. Around 2010-2012 family began to ask him if there was tail protection available to protect against Taleb's 'Black Swans.' At that time, Buck's response was that unless you had at least $100-million, you were out of luck if you were looking for this kind of solution.

This set him on a journey of a thousand steps to solve the problem of bringing tail protection strategies and solutions, initiailly to his immediate circle and ultimately, retail level investors. Buck had already been trading options for over ten years, and had more recently begun trading vol, so he understood well how to hedge his own portfolio. But the problem was how do solve for the problem of being able to easily do this for others, namely his family and friends. The Mutiny Fund is Jason Buck and Taylor Pearson's tail protection fund, launched last year in April 2020, to provide investors with access to a tail protection solution that would provide asymmetric payoffs in periods of market drawdowns of at least 20%.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Come hang out with us for a while. You just might find out about something you didn't know you didn't know about. Like how portfolio tail risk protection works.

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You can get to know more about Jason Buck, Mutiny Fund, and their very worth-your-while research, podcast, and blogs here:

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