David Tepper shares his outlook on the market

Embedded below is the video of David Tepper's CNBC interview:

  • when it comes to the market, Tepper said he is "cautious," but not "outright bearish."
  • right now he thinks returns are OK, but the outcome of the election could change that.
  • "the market will move in different ways" he said, depending on who wins the White House and who wins Congress.
  • the election's impact will also be felt in the credit market, as Tepper said its outcome will determine whether or not the Federal Reserve raises benchmark interest rates this December.
  • he said the economy is "at a point where they [the Federal Reserve] should raise rates," but if the market reacts negatively after the election, the Fed could be forced to once again leave rates unchanged.

Video 1

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 Source: CNBC
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