Veronika Hirsch: Great Canadian Companies in a Very Slow Growth World

In our latest instalment of Insighters, we spoke with Veronika Hirsch, Senior Portfolio Manager, Arrow Capital about her outlook, her investment style and strategy, and several of her top Canadian stock picks, great Canadian companies which are thriving in the low growth world we find ourselves in.

Part One: Outlook for Canada (3:06)

Veronika Hirsch - Outlook for Canada - Part 1 from Insighters.

Part Two: How and What She's Investing in Now (11:29)

Veronika Hirsch (Part Two) on How and What She's Investing in Now - Great Canadian companies in a very slow growth world from Insighters.

Part Three: A Look at Alimentation Couche-Tard (2:43)

Veronika Hirsch discusses Alimentation Couche-Tard - a Top Pick from Insighters.

Part Four: A Look at Boyd Group Income Fund (2:54)

Veronika Hirsch discusses Boyd Group - a Top Pick from Insighters.

Part Five: A Look at AutoCanada (2:11)

Veronika Hirsch discusses AutoCanada - a Top Pick from Insighters.

Part 6: A Look at CI Financial, and Close (3:13)

Veronika Hirsch discusses CI Financial - a Top Pick - Closing from Insighters.

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