's Top 20 Stories for March-April 2012

Here are this month's Top 20 Stories according to you:

1. Interest Rates: The Market Has it All Wrong (Jakobsen)

2. James Paulsen: Does Gold Still Glitter

3. Sprott: Investment Outlook (April 2012)

4. Jeffrey Saut: How to Position Portfolios for 2012

5. Twelve Steps to Making Your Business Fun Again

6. "This Time its Different?" - David Rosenberg Explains the Melt Up and the Latent Risks

7. Ray Dalio: Ugly = Beautiful / Beautiful = Ugly

8. Defining Risk: Warren Buffett's Three Kind of Investments

9. Why Warren Buffett is Wrong About Gold (Koesterich)

10. Bill Gross: Investment Outlook (April 2012)

11. A Simple Method to Improve Your Client's Investment Performance

12. A False Sense of Security (Hussman)

13. David Rosenberg: The Record Quarter

14. John Hussman: Investment Outlook (March 19, 2012)

15. A Warning From Warren Buffett's Top Economic Indicator

16. Doug Kass Says The Market is Now Overvalued

17. ECRI: Why Our Recession Call Stands

18. Are Record ECB Margin Calls Impairing Gold

19. Figuring Out ECRI's Recession Call

20. Shifting Winds, Turbulence Ahead (Sonders)

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