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Alternative Treatments for Common Ailments
November-24-09, 11:04 AM

From garlic to honey, to lemonade and chicken soup, there are time-honored treatments from grandma's remedy chest to heal yourself and speed your recovery from common ailments. Just head to the kitchen next time you are feeling ill, and whip up a remedy for what ails you. Below are some of the most common and easily prepared remedies for everything from stomachache to cold and congestion to household burns.

What's in a Name? The Origins of Famous Brands
November-25-09, 9:50 AM

Our lives are full of brand names and trademarked products that we use every day, from the Apple computer I turn on every morning to the bowl of Quaker oatmeal I eat for breakfast. At the birth of every company that makes a product we can't live without, somebody trying to come up with a memorable and successful name was present. Many of us know that a real Ben and Jerry, Wendy, and Ford exist, but the funny-hatted man on my oatmeal box is a figment of the founders' imagination, thought to evoke images of honesty and value. Although many brand names are simple acronyms or versions of their founders' names, some of the companies we trust every day actually have fascinating-and surprising-back stories.

Hold your nose: garlic is best investment in China
November-27-09, 11:04 AM

The price of garlic in China has nearly quadrupled since March, propelled by its very pungency to rank ahead of gold and stocks as the country's best-performing asset this year.

Men married to smart women live longer
November-27-09, 9:28 AM

There is a lingering suspicion among girls (as the unpopularity of science subjects demonstrates) that boys don't value cleverness as an essential quality in a life partner. Given a choice between gorgeous or brainy, there is no guarantee they'll do the right thing, because men think they're clever enough for two. Well, it turns out they're wrong. Swedish scientists have discovered that long life and good health have nothing to do with a man's education and everything to do with his wife's. Men married to smart women live longer - simple.

"Goodnight Keith Moon": A Creepier Version Of The Classic Kid's Book (VIDEO)
November-27-09, 9:59 AM

"Goodnight Moon": Everyone's favorite children's book about a notorious drummer who died of a drug overdose. Wait, that's not what it was about? Well, authors Bruce Worden and Clare Cross have updated the classic story to revolve around the death of The Who's Keith Moon with hilarious results.

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