China's Bold Economic Policy Moves

CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, a division of Credit Lyonnais/Credit Agricole, are one of the best groups of analysts providing background on China.

Included here are excerpts from a report by CLSA's macro strategist Andy Rothman regarding China's recent decision to stimulate its housing sector.

Beijing is cutting mortgage rates to as low as 5.23 percent, reducing required down payments to buy a home from 30 percent to 20 percent for first-time buyers, comparatively still far above what most Americans have put up to purchase a house, and also lowering some taxes and fees.

CLSA views the government's action as a move to get people to invest their wealth in real estate, which will serve to shrink an overbuilt housing inventory and help keep the broader economy from slowing down further.

"Beijing had succeeded in cooling off price growth, taking it from 25 percent year over year last fall to about zero year over year today. And, having achieved the objective of avoiding a bubble, the last thing the Communist Party wanted to do was crash the property market.

"(This week's) policy changes will have two effects:

"First, they make home-buying more affordable, with a combination of lower interest rates, lower down payments and lower transaction fees.

"But the second effect is most important, as affordability has never been the big problem in China. (The) measures represent the government reversing its anti-property stance adopted one year ago. Back then, Beijing said, in effect, ‘we will do our best to depress prices and discourage home-buying.' Consumers responded rationally by delaying purchases.

"Now, the government is saying, (my words), ‘we encourage home-buying and you should anticipate that property prices will start rising again.'

"With affordability good, household debt almost non-existent, and banks ready to lend (they are all controlled by the Party), homebuyers will return to the market in response to Beijing's message.

"(The) move can be considered part of an overall effort to give a light stimulus to the economy, but in my view is primarily focused on the real estate sector. These changes also illustrate that the Party is capable of taking proactive steps to deal with a changing economic environment."

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