Horizons BetaPro Bull Plus and Bear Plus ETFs

Canadian investors looking for the equivalent of the popular Proshares which are available on American exchanges can do so via Horizons BetaPro ETFs which trade on the TSX. These ETFs allow investors with long-only accounts to easily bet against the market or hedge their bets.  The Horizons BetaPro ETFs provide either double or double the inverse of the daily returns of the asset classes they track.  In the current market environment, the HBP Financials Bear Plus ETF (up 31.4%) and HBP Nymex Crude Oil Bull Plus (up 113.8%) have been huge winners.

These ETFs are advised by ProFund Advisors LLC, founder and PM of Proshares.

Below is a listing of Horizons BetaPro ETFs and their YTD returns. YTD returns are not available for the funds launched this year.

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