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The SIA Daily Stock Report utilizes a proven strategy of uncovering outperforming and underperforming stocks from our marquee equity reports; the S&P/TSX 60, S&P/TSX Completion and S&P/TSX Small cap We overlay these powerful reports with our extensive knowledge of point and figure and candlestick chart signals, along with other western-style technical indicators to identity stocks as they breakout or breakdown. In doing so we provide our Elite-Pro Subscribers with truly independent coverage of the Canadian stock market with specific buy and sell trigger points.

Note: Subscribers can screen all Canadian and U.S. stocks and mutual funds, or as components of equally weighted mutual fund sectors indices (e.g. Income Trusts, Precious Metals), and fund groups by issuer (eg. AGF, Dynamic, Franklin Templeton), all Canadian ETFs, ETF Families by issuer (iShares, Horizons, BMO) or as components of Equally Weighted ETF Sector Indices (e.g. 2020+ Target date, Cdn Equity Lg Cap), and create and monitor their own, or SIA's existing model portfolios. Finally, subscribers benefit from being able to generate BUY-WATCH-SELL Signals on demand with SIA Charts proprietary Favoured/Neutral/Unfavoured, SMAX scoring algorithm (see green-yellow-red graph 1 below).


GREEN - Favoured / Buy Zone
YELLOW - Neutral / Hold Zone
RED - Unfavoured / Sell / Avoid Zone

COSTCO WHOLESALE CP (COST) NASDAQ - Mar 26, 2013 - After paying out the largest special dividend for any U.S. company totaling over $3 billion last December. Costco (COST) has also rewarded shareholders by moving on to new all-time highs. Now in the 19th position of the SIA S&P 100 Report, resistance is found above at $114.82. To the downside, support can be found around $98 and at $87.02.

June 29, 2012 - Back on June 29, 2012, Costco (COST) was a new entry to the Favored Zone of the SIA S&P 100 Report in the 25th position. Support was at $87.64 and further support was found at $80.96. If COST continued to hit its new all-time highs,  resistance level around $100 was expected to be a potential setback.



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