Do You Know Who We Spoke To?

2022's been quite a year. An awful year in markets. War, rising rates, inflation and inflation volatility, and fallen stock and bond values. It's a time to be patient, even when it feels impossible. It's a time to be thoughtful and make well thought out decisions about where and how to remain invested. The last time both stocks and bonds got a big haircut like this year's, at the same time, was 1969. 1969! Most of us have never experienced a market like this year's has been.

That's why we spent most of this year talking to the people we thought could help us help you make sense of what was happening. Investing is simple, not easy, so it goes. In reality, it's neither simple nor easy, and your clients need you more than ever, now.

We are working to bring to you and share with you the thoughts and strategic thinking of the best minds in the business, and will continue to do so. We're not going to reprise what we talked about with this year's guests, but we are going to remind you that all of the conversations are right here on, and most, if not all of the conversations we had the honour to bring you are available to you from our homepage. And we would also add that most of this year's conversations, oddly enough, remain relevant to what we're going through together.

Thank you again and again for your time, your continuing readership, your praise, your feedback, and also your criticism at times. All of it. We love you and we're so very honoured to serve you and to be of service to you.

Here's to you, to your hard work, serving and working alongside your clients to see them through. Every success to you now and in the future.

Best regards,

Your Partners at

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