David Burrows: What's What in This Stormy & Tricky Market?

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David Burrows, President & Chief Investment Strategist, at Barometer Capital Management joins us for an in depth discussion on the markets, inflation, monetary policy, outlook, his base case, and exchanges his contrarian case for what possibly lies in the future vis-à-vis domestic and global economics, as well as sharing a few of his surprising ideas regarding what he's doing in the alternative investing space.

David provides the Barometer team with macro driven quantitative analysis. Covering mobile markets and asset classes, Barometer tactically manages investment portfolios, targeting structural revaluations.

David co-founded Barometer Capital Management, in 1991 after beginning his career in 1986 with the Private Client Group at Scotia McLeod. With Greg Guichon, David sits on the firm’s investment policy committee and is responsible for the overall construction and daily review of all client portfolios.

David is a frequent guest as a market commentator on CTV, CBC and BNN Bloomberg.

Barometer manages discretionary investment portfolios for private investors, foundations and endowment funds. Their stated purpose is to earn consistent, absolute returns while preserving capital. In an industry that measures success by relative performance to the market, Barometer is unique for its commitment to, and history of, producing consistent absolute returns.

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