Jason Buck: Defensive Diversification & The Cockroach Portfolio

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Jason Buck, Co-Founder & CIO, Mutiny Funds joins us for a chat that may have the power to change your perspective on diversification and risk management, return and long term investing outcomes.

When unexpected major events occur, such as this year's stock and bond market rout in H122, where most or all of your supposedly diversified investments became correlated, and headed sharply to the downside, you may have been left feeling with the need to consider using a portfolio designed to protect against exogenous (COVID-related supply chain disruptions, Ukraine War), economic (inflation, rates), and or Black Swan events. We're all too accustomed with using 'offensive' assets like stocks and bonds. There is no doubt, however, that we are definitely NOT accustomed to making use of 'defensive' assets and defensive strategies that are structurally uncorrelated or negatively correlated, that can provide ballast protection and real 'balance'. What are defensive assets and defensive strategies?

Jason Buck and his partner at Mutiny Fund have been thinking about this question for a long time and have created one such portfolio.

We discuss:
• Diversification, both offensive and defensive
• Tail Hedging
• Behavioural issues around tail risk and hedging
• Ego doubt and destruction
• Capital Efficiency
• The 'Cockroach' Portfolio

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