Canadian ETF Trends 2022 Update w/ Ronald Landry, CIBC Mellon

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Ronald Landry, Head of Product & Canadian ETF Services at CIBC Mellon joined us for a look at the trends and developments that are shaping the growth of the Canadian ETF industry. Landry has been in the Canadian investment management industry for nearly 30 years, spending the past most recent 20 years in the once-nascent, and now flourishing ETF industry.

Markets have gotten off to a rough in 2022, and we've just been through some pretty tumultuous, AND exciting times during the last two years, and what were until the end of 2021 pretty hot investment markets. From his unique position at the centre of the Canadian ETF industry, Landry shares his thoughts on what he is most excited about, what's changing, and what's new.

We discuss some of the biggest trends driving the Canadian ETF space – What's been expanding, what's been receding, the fastest growing segments, and some insights on flows and investor behaviour.

Our conversation turns as we get into how the change in regime that is taking place in the context of inflationary pressures and rising rates are re-directing flows and product formation, and the newest kinds of ETF solutions, as well as the progress that's happening vis-à-vis liquid alts ETF formations.

Finally, Landry, who has been closely watching the ETF and markets' regulatory landscape reveals some big changes that are coming on the settlement (T+1, T+0) and improved taxation and efficiency (re: taxable distributions from funds).

Where to find Ronald Landry:

Ronald Landry on Linkedin

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