29 Huber's Almanac of Alternative Investments

Phil Huber, CIO, Savant Wealth Management, based in Chicago, joins us for a deep dive on how advisors can thoughtfully and successfully implement alternatives to gain a competitive edge in portfolio construction. Phil is a former award-winning advisor, was appointed CIO, at Savant following the merger of Huber Financial Advisors and Savant Capital, which forged their $8-billion Chicago-land behemoth Savant Wealth Management RIA two years ago.

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Recognizing that there was a massive proliferation of alternative investment vehicles, he decided to publish a tour-de-force guide that provides detail, reference, and rich insights on understanding how and why the universe of alternative investments available today fit into today's traditional retail investment portfolios.

Today's capital market assumptions (CMAs) show that investors must either lower their forward expected investment returns forecasts or learn how to productively use alternatives to augment total return and mitigate the risks inherent in today's low rates, low yields, and richly valued equity and bond markets.

We explore the numerous new tools and vehicles advisors, and in turn, their clients – investors – can exploit the alternatives universe that was once only available to UHNW investors and institutions. We also explore how advisors can begin to introduce the implementation of this universe of alternative investment solutions, to their clients.

Phil provides insight as to what the five main categories of alternative investments are that investors need to begin to consider adding to and against their legacy 60/40 portfolios which, for the most part, have enjoyed a 40-year secular disinflationary tailwind since the 1980s, in order to reduce the risk of being blindsided by changes in market and economic regimes.

"The best portfolio is the one you can stick with," over the long term, through thick and thin, and since behavioural risk is potentially the most deleterious and costly risk investors can experience in their lifetimes, it has now become critical for advisors to set themselves apart by helping their clients to construct portfolios that are resilient and sustainable, from the point of view of being able to maintain strategic asset allocations over the long-term, without being destroyed by future flights-to-safety.


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Phil Huber's New Book:
The Allocator's Edge: A modern guide to alternative investments and the future of diversification


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