Ep 79 Pt. 1 Annamaria Testani – Creating Value as an Advisor Through 'Active Listening'

As an advisor you're operating in a field along with thousands of your competitor peers. The investment industry is becoming increasingly commoditized in terms of its offerings of solutions. Setting yourself apart from the field has always been a significant challenge you've had to overcome. So, how can you set yourself apart, how do you differentiate your offering, today, to be successfully competitive?

In the first segment of this three part series, we talk to Annamaria Testani, Senior Vice President, National Sales at National Bank Investments about a skill that can have a dramatic impact on raising your value with each and every client – 'Active Listening.' Annamaria defines the art of active listening, and provides clear guidance on how active listening can elevate the quality and stickiness of your relationships with your new and long-time clients, as well as how valuable that is when engaging prospective clients.

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