Ep. 65 How to Overcome Six Modern Advisor Practice Challenges – Richard Heft, Andrew Broadhead on The Ascendant Advisor

Richard Heft, Co-Founder and President, of EXT. Marketing, and Andrew Broadhead, Head of Content at EXT. Marketing, co-authors of the new bestseller, The Ascendant Advisor, a comprehensive content-focused marketing roadmap for advisors, join us a for our an in-depth conversation about how advisors can set themselves apart competitively.

In our conversation, we discuss the 6 major challenges facing advisors today. These challenges, as Richard Heft points out, were on the rise well before the COVID pandemic landed on our shores. What The unfolding of the pandemic did, however, was to accelerate the pace of change, and force advisors to revisit the road forward.

Owing to KYC, advisors are required to invest a great deal of time getting to know everything they can about their clients. But what about Know Your Advisor? Very little time is spent helping their clients, and their potential public, get to know who they are. Perhaps this is because time is at a premium. We talk about how advisors can make themselves discoverable, knowledgeable, and relatable, without feeling like all they're doing is tooting their own horn and coming off the wrong way.

Finally, we get into the topic of inter-spousal and/or inter-generational wealth transfer. We talk about some obvious and not so obvious ways advisors can bridge any of the gaps that exist in their client-family relationships, to have a better chance of retaining their clients, post-succession.

You'll find this conversation full of valuable takeaways. As for what we didn't get to in this conversation, and there is so much, you'll have to get yourself a copy of Richard Heft and Andrew Broadhead's excellent new playbook, The Ascendant Advisor.

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