Market Volatility & Coronavirus – What You Need to Know

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Growing turmoil from the spread of the coronavirus has driven a sharp increase in volatility and a risk-off trade as uncertainty permeates global markets. To help make sense of the unfolding events, we are providing you with our latest insights and resources from our teams around the world, including:

  • How our 2020 outlook is evolving in the face of growing market volatility and uncertainty
  • What it could mean for GDP expectations, and how the economy can get back on track
  • Where we see pockets of opportunity in the equity and fixed-income markets

The resources on this page will be updated frequently so please check back regularly.

Coronavirus Market Impact Update

The latest update from our economic and portfolio teams on the impact from the coronavirus.

Where Did All the Toilet Paper Go?

For client-facing financial advisors, understanding how to manage client emotions during volatility is critically important if you want to help them cope with the current situation.

How to Manage Client Conversations in Volatile Markets

Market fears are activating investors’ fight-or-flight instincts. These feelings can lead to highly irrational behaviors. Here are some techniques for speaking to clients during these volatile times.

The Fed and Coronavirus: Is Fiscal Help Needed, Too?

With markets reeling from concerns over the coronavirus and plummeting oil prices, the US Federal Reserve took another step Monday to shore up markets. The Fed has more in its toolbox, but fiscal policy may also be needed to fill a gap in the US economy.

How Will the Coronavirus Impact World Economies?

The coronavirus is dominating the news and sparking panic in markets. We believe the options for policymakers are clear—but will they implement them?

Fed May Cut Rates Further to Counter Coronavirus Headwinds

This week’s Fed rate cut helped steady financial markets reeling from the expected impact of the coronavirus on the US economy, and we think more cuts are coming—in March and beyond. The economy should rebound in the second half of the year, though at a lower full-year pace.

US Equity Valuations Rebooted by Coronavirus

Although the outlook for growth and earnings is uncertain amid the coronavirus crisis, attractive stock valuations could create opportunities for high-conviction investors.

Revisiting China’s Equity Markets as Coronavirus Spreads

Growing fears about the coronavirus have hit Chinese stocks. While markets will remain unstable until China gets the outbreak under control, equity investors should revisit lessons from previous epidemics and consider the potential longer-term effects of the current crisis.

Will the Wuhan Coronavirus Infect China’s Economy?

The Wuhan coronavirus is spreading across China, causing disruption, severe illness and even death. In addition to the tragic human cost of an epidemic, widespread disease can cause meaningful macroeconomic damage.

Other Late-Cycle Insights

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