Stephen Lingard: Get Prepared for Inflation and Volatility in 2018 (Part 1)

In this first part of our featured podcast series with Stephen Lingard, SVP and Portfolio Manager, Franklin Templeton Managed Solutions, we discuss the importance of anticipating change, and positioning for it, in advance.

"When volatility is at historical lows, perhaps you don’t need to attempt to see where the lightning bolt comes from," says Lingard. "In a world that feels complacent and desensitized to many of the risks that we remain conscious of, perhaps it is enough to simply anticipate a change and be prepared."

Stephen Lingard is senior multi-asset fund professional directly responsible for managing over C$10 billion in AUM across multiple strategies in Canada and offshore for Franklin Templeton Multi-Asset Solutions.

He has a diverse skill set in research, strategy, asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management as well as extensive experience with retail and institutional clients globally. He is also a regular contributor to financial media in Canada and Asia.


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