Dan Dupont: Which sectors have interesting stock ideas?


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Dan Dupont, Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Investments talks about the sectors that are providing interesting stock investing ideas right now.

Dan Dupont is a portfolio manager at Fidelity Investments Canada.

He manages Fidelity Canadian Large Cap Fund and co-manages Fidelity NorthStar Fund with legendary manager Joel Tilinghast. They are respectively rated 5 and 4 stars by Morningstar.

He is also sub-portfolio manager of Fidelity Monthly income, Fidelity Income Allocation Fund, and Fidelity North Star Balanced Fund.

More of our interview with Dan Dupont:

Dan Dupont: How did childhood in rural Québec prepare you as a portfolio manager?

Dan Dupont: What are the key aspects of your investment strategy?

Dan Dupont: How has your investment strategy weathered markets?

Dan Dupont: How do you resist the pressure to chase performance?

Dan Dupont: Who were your role models?

Dan Dupont: Is it time to 'bolt down the house?'

Dan Dupont: What is the catalyst that will create a storm in the market?

Dan Dupont: With interest rates near zero for so long, have you adjusted your valuation models?

Dan Dupont: Have near-zero interest rates affected the market's behaviour?

Dan Dupont: Has the market become dangerous to investors?

Dan Dupont: Have investors forgotten what it feels like to lose money?



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