Commodity Snapshot

Judging by the way that commodities prices have literally been "drawn and quartered" since July, its obvious that the market has been forced into liquidation by the massive unwinding or rather de-levering caused by the near failure in the credit market, and the assumption of debt by governments and central banks around the world.


Gold, notably, has traded lower during this anomalous selling-spree, even though it has long been regarded to be the real asset choice of those wanting to protect against financial risk. Perhaps its simply either that gold is highly liquid at a time of great need and is being sold off, or there has been a substantial amount of central bank intervention by way of shorting gold in the futures market. Either way, given the sheer amount of money supply growth, by contrast, gold is very cheap. Which brings us to platinum. Take a look at these charts:

Dollar Premium Platinum vs. gold

%-age Premium Platiinum vs. Gold

Platinum, which is 30X rarer than gold closed at $793, only $83 premium to the price of gold. At peak earlier this year, platinum traded at a $1,300 premium to gold.

Oil is continuing to get cheaper. OPEC held an emergency meeting, agreeing to cut production by 1.5 -million barrels. News of this had no effect on oil prices, not even an intermediate effect; it closed on Friday at $64.15. Which begs the question: Is OPEC really a cartel? They seemed content to sit back and watch gleefully as the price shot up to 147, but have been unable to do anything to stop its slide to current levels, not even a substantial cut in production. Or so it seems.


Is the imminent food crisis over? Are fears of oil shortages overwrought?

Right now, it looks like nobody cares. They just want their money out, and at any price.

As Warren Buffett has put it so eloquently in his recent NYTimes Op-Ed piece, Buy American. I am, "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful. And most certainly, fear is now widespread, gripping even seasoned investors."




Charts: Bespoke Investment Group

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