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by Scott Krisiloff, Avondale Asset Management Each week I read dozens of transcripts from earnings calls and presentations as part of my investment process. Below is a weekly ...
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by Cam Hui, Humble Student of the Markets Trend Model signal summary Trend Model signal: Risk-on (upgrade) Trading model: Bullish (upgrade) The Trend Model is an asset allocation ...
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by Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense “Humanity is now entering a period of radical transformation in which technology has the potential to significantly raise the basic ...
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by Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense When asked what people would learn from the financial crisis, GMO’s Jeremy Grantham replied: In the short term a lot, ...
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by Veronika Hirsch, Portfolio Manager, Arrow Capital Management, Inc. Investment Commentary - August 31, 2014 Exemplar Canadian Focus Fund I am writing a slightly abbreviated commentary this month, ...
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Photo Credit: Benh LIEU SONG by David Merkel, Aleph Blog Somewhat less than three years ago, I wrote two articles on Behemoth stocks [one, two], which I define as ...
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By Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, U.S. Global Investors   An important principle of our investment process at U.S. Global Investors is a belief that government ...
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Excerpted from 'Tangible Ideas' via Sean Corrigan of  Diapason Commodities, So where does this leave us, in financial markets, at the mid-point of the year, other than with ...
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With cash paying nothing and long-dated bonds barely keeping up with inflation, investors have bid up most asset classes in search of a decent return. However, according to ...
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by Clear Eyes Investing Markets are like snowflakes; different time periods can share common traits and might even look alike, but no two are exactly the same. Rather ...
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by R.P. Seawright, Above the Market We have all heard the arguments about the flaws of active management and we all should have looked closely at the underlying data. ...
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  by Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense “Unless you can watch your stock holding decline by 50% without becoming panic-stricken, you should not be in the stock ...
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ideas Insight Markets Outlook
by Tom Bradley, Steadyhand Investment Funds We hear it all the time in conversation with our partners and friends: “They say the market is going higher … they ...
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Point of Stress There is a very big difference between performing well in a relaxed atmosphere and performing well under pressure. When the stakes are low, and there ...
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Banking Markets Outlook Regulation US Stocks
by Tom Bradley, Steadyhand Investment Funds I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed that I was on the board of JP Morgan. It was no fun. For ...
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