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The ETF Flash Crash by Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense In the early minutes of the stock market open on Monday morning things got a little ...
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Liquidnet CEO Sees Stock Picker's Market Amid Turmoil Volatile Markets are HFTs Playground August 27, 2015 - Seth Merrin, founder and chief executive officer of Liquidnet Holdings Inc., ...
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Insight Markets Outlook US Stocks
by Jeffrey Carter, Points and Figures Recently read a book by Professor Alvin Roth.  He is a Nobel Prize winner in economics.  It was pretty interesting.  His specialty ...
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ETFs Insight Markets Outlook
by Eddy Elfenbein, Crossing Wall Street Yesterday, the FBI arrested a Russian businessman named Evgeny Buryakov and charged him with being an agent of Russian intelligence. Buryakov was ...
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  Submitted by Nanex Market Rigging Explained We received trade execution reports from an active trader who wanted to know why his larger orders almost never completely filled, ...
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by Socializing Finance “There is systematic corruption in the market. A rigging, a rigging in the market. And it’s the provision to high frequency traders of information that ...
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ideas Insight Markets Outlook US Stocks
High Frequency Trading (HFT) covers such a broad swathe of 'trading' and financial markets that Mark Cuban (yes, that Mark Cuban), who has been among the leading anti-HFT ...
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Insight Markets Outlook Sentiment
Round 2 of the HFT vs Reality death match just took place on Bloomberg TV. Once again the clear winner was Katsuyama and Lewis version of the real ...
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NYSE Short Interest Rises to 2012 Highs
On the surface, the fact that NYSE short interest was just reported today to have risen to 13.1 billion shares as of April 30 could be troubling for ...
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Jeffrey Saut:
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines by Jeffrey Saut, Chief Investment Strategist, Raymond James August 15, 2011 I was in Chicago last week seeing portfolio managers (PMs), doing ...
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China, Unhappy with Reaction to its Property Prices Data, Decides to Make it Disappear
by Trader Mark, Fund My Mutual Fund Before ZeroHedge there was this renegade blog called Fund My Mutual Fund. ;)  One of my oldest stories was about the ...
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